James Supercave

Californian band James Supercave combine psych-rock aesthetics with a pop sensibility to create an artsy hybridized sound much like Alt-J or MGMT. Formed in Echo Park as the primary vision of singer Joaquin Pastor, the trio -- rounded out by Patrick Logothetti (keyboards) and Andres Villalobos (guitar) -- blends a range of influences and sounds, at once groovy and rhythmic, while also trippy and soulful. After a languidly sensual single (2012's "Georgian Orange"), they released their debut EP, 2015's The Afternoon. Sandwiched between the lo-fi indie psych was the sprawling baroque pop of "The Right Stuff," a song also featured on the debut LP released less than a year afterward. Better Strange was a fully focused realization of the complex sound they hinted at on The Afternoon, honoring their Radiohead, Bowie, Beatles, and Talking Heads influences, while simultaneously giving nods to contemporaries like Tame Impala and Empire of the Sun.

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