Billy Blue

Billy Blue is an American rapper and music producer commonly known for his collaborations with Lupe Fiasco. He is currently signed with Poe Boy Music. He's an up-and-coming artist famous for his choppy rapping style combined with unique lyricism.

Talented rappers have experienced numerous periods of struggle and despair, however, there aren’t many who can match up to the trials and tribulations of Billy Blue. The New Rochelle born Haitian-American earned the nickname “Blue” once his devastation had evolved into a depressing character trait after his mother passed away. At the age of 10, Blue was sent to live with his aunt in Miami only to be neglected and left to fend for himself.

Eventually, “Billy” was forced to hone in on his survival skills thus taking on the aura of the notorious “Billy The Kid.” Billy Blue didn’t think he would become the mentally strong and socially conscious rapper he is today. Music was Blue’s only positive form of therapy as a kid. Years after being locked at the tender age of 13-years old and then being sent to live with his uncle in Haiti after his release — the Blumanati rapper has developed his authentic lyrics to help cope with being robbed of a childhood while trying to survive without the love from his own flesh and blood. This accumulation of unfortunate events is what drives his intense themes in his music.

Although he nearly lost faith in himself as an artist altogether, Billy Blue has triumphed over his doubts and has ascended to a level that only existed in his dreams. As an established MC with five projects under his belt, Blue has had the pleasure of working under Timbaland and Akon as Poe Boy Music Group’s rising star. Now the North Miami resident continues to make the right power moves with his own independent label Black T Music Group in order to further his career.

After opening up for Chi-town’s finest Lupe Fiasco during his “Tour For The Fans,” Blue is still feeling the satisfying high he’s been searching for all of his life. Now that his career has successfully flourished, the “Chopper” rapper plans to execute his next power moves with fresh, revitalizing energy to spread the gospel with his upcoming album Revelations.

Over time, Billy Blue has had to make several pivotal strides to get to the top and etch his name into Miami rap history. We allowed him to tell his side of the story of his journey to stardom.

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