Dark Waters

Todd Haynes

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2019-12-06
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count:
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  • Dark Waters

    By Smco85
    A must see!
  • Extremely good

    By paris177
    Mark Ruffalo kills it as always in his performance and the story line was super intriguing
  • Omg

    By Captin Kiki
    What happen to those kids teeth on the bikes so creepy !!!!!! And I don't no if they killed those cows for real !!!!
  • Great Story

    By Paddy Sully
    This is a great story that needed to be shouted from the highest rooftops however someone enlisted Ruffalo to lead the charge and there lies the problem he could barely bring up a whisper, his acting reminded of Frodo from the lord of the rings , one expression on his face no matter what was happening , barely sleep walking , envoking no real emotional response from himself nor myself , when Tim Robbins is the best actor in a movie , well thats just sad . Mark just keep playing the Hulk cause a great story deserves at least good acting . On a happy note we saw it in the 2 doller theater at least the popcorn was good .
  • A must see

    By SunFlowerPopCorn
    A must see movie. Just an all around amazing movie. Moving must see film. I think everyone should see this movie. If affects us all. Great work. AMAZING.
  • what a whiff. great cinematography though.

    By DoesHeShapeShiftIntoEquineForm
    i am appreciative of the real attorney that did this actual lawyering. this movie is too on the nose, script was either written poorly or this Ruffalo really whiffed an opportunity. it may be that i know he’s a liberal idiot, but this movie stunk like “Lorax” did. waaaay too preachy. we get it. two stars for the cinematography and effort the camera crew put in, some great shots.
  • Great movie great actors

    By Alexaudrey15
    Much much better than expected. Makes you wonder why Teflon is still around and selling...
  • Excellent.

    By miazain
    Very engaging
  • Great movie

    By jess villa
    Love !!
  • Erin Brockovich but poorly done

    By panchoclo
    Same story, more or less, but terribly crafted. It takes you 20 minutes to figure out in what decade the story happens. It’s obviously the 80s but then the guy drives on the highway and you can see brand new Toyotas. And that’s the least of the “details” this movie has. Skip it good.

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