Autumn de Wilde

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2020-03-06
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 2
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  • Why add nudity??

    By B-House
    Why in the world would they add nudity to Jane Austen? The author is good enough to not add that garbage. It ruined the movie and we stopped it and returned it for a refund. Not recommend for family viewing.
  • A fresh retelling of a classic!

    By Megwalll
    I love the 2020 version of Emma! The whole aesthetic and colors are brilliant. The actors are so talented and really portray their characters with a new flavor while still being true to the original Jane Austen novel. The wardrobe/styling and set design is spectacular as well. I can’t say enough good things about this movie!
  • $20 is fair, people need to learn economics

    By Mr. HappyPappy
    People, put a moments though in before complaining about the price. These movies were budgeted in a way that the PER PERSON price of admission to see in a theater is around $10. So for 2 people, that’s $20. The rental price of $20 is basically trying to account for the fact that usually at least 2 people are watching the movie together at home, so it’s the price of two theater tickets. It’s not rocket science. Don’t watch it if you don’t want to pay, but don’t review bomb a good movie just because you failed economics 101.
  • Don’t waste your money 💰 wait and watch it when it free

    By crystal#17
    I couldn’t even get through first few minutes... not even a bit of interested in the movie 🎥 😞 wasted my money
  • Not great...

    By StephieA34
    Did not like it. The set was nice as was the cinematography. The Emma with Jeremy Northrop and Paltrow was so much better!
  • Complete disappointment

    By Om3g4Supr3m3
    Don’t expect a clean movie. With a PG rating, I expected a movie free of the filth of nudity. There are two nude scenes in this movie.
  • My Favorite Quarantine Ever Made!!!!

    By Ingie23
    I LOVE, LOVE this movie with All my Heart!! I hope Autum de Wilde, the director, is doing more Jane Austen’s movies. The characters are phenomenal. I love Mr. Knightly! He’s my favorite, as well as, Emma Woodhouse. I recommend buying this movie if you love Jane Austen’s books and movies and can appreciate the attention to detail, the colors in the wardrobe during the Edwardian era, etc... if you don’t follow Jane Austen, then, this may not be a movie for you. I loved it! The score, the music was good. Some of you might be a super fan of the music, but, I didn’t mind it. I love that Mr. Knightly is more emotional and a sass. Mr. Elton is hilarious! Best movie of 2020!!!
  • How Will I Know When I Fall in Love?

    By BabyBoomerWriter
    When the price to rent became reasonable, I rented it & found it a light & rather sentimental movie. The sets & costumes were quite amazing--beautiful & expensive detail everywhere you looked. The actors were well-matched for the most part. Emma was a fine choice of escape from everyday concerns. However, a bit disappointed with the bland ending.. Although the blurbs described Emma as a Queen Bee, I would disagree. As a single young woman, she alternated between feeling lonely, defensive, or totally confused by the whole idea of "falling in love". It had a universal theme, with lessons for young women & young men struggling with unfamiliar emotionsfeelings.
  • Stupid Movie

    By Las Vegas Doves
    Even at paying $5 to watch this movie was to much, very boring and slow movie.
  • Not my cup of tea

    By Unidas
    Movie was well acted but a little slow and not as engaging as I would have wanted. Really wanted to like this movie but was a let down for me.

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