The Wizard of Oz

Victor Fleming

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release Date: 1939-04-23
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 5
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  • Fantastic Classic

    By Blue october
    I grew up in Kansas and as a kid I would watch this move. Sure I always hear the not so funny “You’re not in Kansas anymore.” Because I have since moved away from Kansas. This film is awesome and I enjoy owning it.
  • Terrible

    By squirrel savage
    Make it HD it was so weird and I could tell some things were fake
  • Over the Rainbow!

    By Nicholas becerra
    This movie was a monster classic when i was a kid like the digtal visual effects were fantastic so as the top notch musical numbers were amazing.
  • The Wizard of Oz

    By Xplosiv2005
    Review like The Terminator!
  • One legend “dies,” another legend is born

    By Monstermandan18
    After portraying his iconic horror role in “Frankenstein”, “Bride of Frankenstein” as Frankenstein’s Monster, Boris Karloff portrayed his signature role for the last time in “Son of Frankenstein” Just as Karloff stepped down from the horror genre, Judy Garland’s performance as Dorothy Gale (which should have had her nominated for and win the Oscar for Best Actress) in “The Wizard of Oz” made her film and music careers soar If only these two met, the worlds of the horror genre and musicals would have collided
  • Dh ewr uttty

    By Loki0987
  • The Wizard Of Oz- [Dorothy]

    By jaybyird1987
    👠👠The Wizard Of Oz is my👠👠 👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠Favorite Movie 👠👠👠👠👠👠👠Ever 👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠Because I 👠👠Like Dorothy As 👠My 👠👠👠👠👠👠👠Favorite👠👠Charictor 👠👠👠👠Because She Sings 👠👠👠👠Somewere Over The 👠👠👠👠Rainbow 👠👠👠She Wears A 👠👠Blue 👠👠And White👠👠👠👠👠👠👠👠Gingham 👠👠👠Dress 👠👠👠👠 White And Blue 👠👠Blouse 👠👠Blue 👠👠Socks Basket 👠👠👠👠👠👠👠Her Hair 👠👠In Pigtails 👠👠With 👠👠Blue Bows 👠👠And Her 👠👠Hair 👠👠Curly With A Blue👠👠 👠👠👠👠Bow 👠👠👠👠Black Shoes 👠👠👠👠👠👠👠And 👠👠👠👠Ruby 👠👠👠👠👠👠Slippers 👠👠And She 👠👠Is Played 👠👠By 👠👠👠Judy 👠👠👠👠Garland 👠👠👠👠And I Can't👠👠 Wait To 👠👠👠Get 👠👠👠👠It In 👠👠HD And 4k 👠👠👠👠👠👠So I 👠👠Can 👠👠Have👠👠 👠👠It In 👠👠👠👠SD 4k And 👠👠HD.👠👠👠👠Dorothy 👠👠👠👠👠👠Lives In 👠👠👠👠Kansas👠👠 👠👠And👠👠 Goes To👠👠 Oz 👠👠I 👠👠👠Wanted To Sing Like 👠👠👠👠👠👠👠Dorothy 👠👠And Dance 👠👠Like 👠👠Dorothy👠👠I Am 👠👠Dorothy's 👠👠Number 👠👠One 👠👠Fan 👠👠👠👠👠👠👠Because 👠👠I Like 👠👠👠👠Her And 👠👠Toto 👠👠👠👠👠Her Dog.👠👠
  • Wonderful world of 4K...

    By Hatter60
    Excellent work upgrading this magical movie to 4K.Everyone should see this 4K version as the colors have never been better...definitely one to add to your library on ITunes.Just remarkable....

    By savannah Tripp
    The best movie in history!! 100% recommended.
  • Finalmente

    By Khanvar
    Finalmente en audio latino 😍😍😍

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