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  • Lee Brice EP-MixTape Review

    By lrnsanta
    There is no doubt that Lee Brice is a great artist and in his new EP Mixtape he shows a newer sound that’s somewhat similar to the feel of Parking Lot Party. In the introduction video of his new EP he tells his fans that as an artist he wanted to kind of explore a newer rhythmic direction and with the release of Mixtape, he accomplishes just that. I believe that every artist has the right to express themselves in their own way and this newer vibe Lee Brice just released is, what I believe to be, his own take on this modern country movement. Personally, I love the older Lee Brice songs more than his current releases. If you are a fan of Love Like Crazy, A Woman Like You, Beautiful Every Time and I Don’t Dance, then this EP is probably not what your looking for, but if you want a summer time, easy going feel then give it a shot.
  • Crap

    By Shawn McCue
    Lee Brice. I thought he was good I don't dance that was one of my favorite songs for a little while. But this album? You're supposed to be getting better. EP is not what you should be doing.
  • Lee Brice- Mixtape

    By MittenStateHunt21
    In The Swamp!!
  • Lee is GREAT and Bubba is GREATER

    By Backwoods4773
    What the hell is wrong with yall closed-minded SOBs??? These are 2 LEGENDS getting together on a track!! So much better than the remix and I love the different feel of the whole MIXTAPE!! Lee will be back on the I Don't Dance vibe on his next ALBUM. Bubba is the best rapper alive.
  • Another Nashville Sellout

    By theecw
    I used to really like the music Lee Brice produced, but this is absolute trash. Wow.
  • Horrible

    By Jodie1245
    This is horrible. I've heard better from him.
  • Wish Bro-Country Would Die

    By Luv Addict
    Quick, someone send Lee Alan Jackson's new cd so he can see what country music is suppose to sound like. This is horrible and talentless.
  • Summer fun music!

    By indianaforidagirl
    I little different from the music I am used to hearing from Lee. His last album I still listen too on repeat. This mix tape album is great for summer time cruising & just sitting back having a drink with friends. Fun upbeat sound!
  • Yikes

    By NickCrow9370264037596027492
    I like Lee Brice but this is hard to listen to...
  • Terrible...

    By codylisk11
    Lee Brice used to be good. His first two albums were pretty good, but his recent album and this mess is embarrassing. Horrible mixing on every song on this mixtape and the I Don't Dance album and stupid songs. Would it kill you to put some thought in your songs? Only rating this one star because iTunes makes me.

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