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  • 💙Love it!!

    By Disappointed My Town Player07
    I am almost 12, and I. Love. Jimmy Buffett. All of my friends and family think I am crazy, but I love it!! I have been in and out of the hospital and doctor for the past 6 months and everytime on my Bluetooth headphones I BLAST this album (Including Jolly Mon Sing) on full volume. The first ever time I remember hearing it was when I was 9 and it was Jolly Mon Sing and I heard “Jolly Bob Stinks” so now it is one of my favorites and I always say Jolly Bob Stinks instead of Jolly Mon Sing 🤣. I my twelfth birthday is coming up (Late August) and at 1:45 am I thought,” huh, what should my birthday theme be? I GOT IT MARGARITAVILLE!!!” And everyone was still awake so I said, “I FIGURED OUT MY BIRTHDAY THEME!!!! MARGARITAVILLE!!!” And everyone laughed because I thought of it so early! There was no Margaritaville Birthday themes for kids so I changed it to Luau with Jimmy Buffett things. I thought that we could put on a sign “Grapefruit Bathing Suit Juicy Fruit” on a sign. Thanks for reading this review and I hope you have a splendid day/night!! P.S. Whoever says that Jimmy Buffet music is for Old People they are wrong and you should give it a chance!! P.P.S. Jimmy is you ever read this come to Chicago Illinois!! Update: I am not sick anymore and had my party, it was AMAZING!! I got a donut pan (i love baking) Butter Rum (a flavoring for baking. And a POLAROID!! I know this is odd, but thanks to this album, I got through my sickness ❤️ I am so grateful for this and now I am better and am downloading all of his songs on my mp3 player <3 Thank you Jimmy Buffett! You probably don’t know or won’t see this, but thank you so much, I got through my sickness with your help! Thanks, and buh bye!
  • Love his songs and Ive been to to margaritaville the restaurant

    By baptiste main 84
    Good songs fresh beat. Just perfect 🤗
  • Wow

    By jhdjsndbhfhf
    Awesome 😎
  • Great songs!

    By 🎼MusicMan
    Lol, the bad reviewers don’t look like they understand that they’re reviewing the album and not apple, the albums awesome and at a great price, loaded it on through an old cd of this album and would buy it again digitally
  • Who?

    By Noah244
  • You’re Kidding Me!

    By TeaGee
    You let me purchase this and then tell me every song is not available in my country! I am in the same country as freaking Key West! Geez!
  • Love the album but got messed over by iTunes

    By Disappointed Legionnaire
    This is one of my favorite albums but when I had most of the songs downloaded and was going to purchase the remainder, iTunes blocked me and suddenly all my previous purchases went away and the price went from $2.14 to $7.99 to download the album. Thanks Apple!

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