come out and play - Single

Billie Eilish

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2018-11-20
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1
  • ℗ 2018 Darkroom/Interscope Records
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    Title Time
    come out and play 3:30 USD 1.29


  • Meep 🐣and sweets🧁🎆💜🎆

    By lazzy punk66789
    This is my new opening song to this winter and new year😆😍, I love all of Billie Eilish and the art and love and messages she’s spreads and shares with us. This song is deeply warming and makes me feel like I’m finally free from an ocean of doubt and anxiety. I love music and I love to sing and dance! This is my New Years wish and plan 1 keep practice in on self control and learn to give life more time. 2 walk way if someone won't give me time to figure the situation out and listen to understand and reason. And 3 Music is my best friend and gives me more oxygen to keep pushing through no matter what life or the world wants to throw at me, I’m done being at verbal wars with other people and myself, I don’t care if I sound a little off key or my brain is not as advanced like a normal society, my 1 goal that I wanted to work towards was no longer being immediately angered by every little thing and learning how to communicate with without becoming intolerant over a small or worse big disagreement with my surroundings. I have never been easy with time and carefully thinking about what could happen and how to learn to just avoid problems and situations. Basically I’m done fighting and disjappointmenting myself and all the things that exist in my world that excites me, vocals that make my hear skip a beat and make me want to get up out of bed and make each day even better than what once was before.so tonight is the night and today within 3 days of December that now has turned into 24 and 48 hours before I once and for all sealing the winters Iceland daggers door 🚪 shut . I have faced my enemies and put forth the effort even though I really don’t want to I did it anyway because “if I myself don’t work and practice hard I won’t see or show good “results “. Ok 🥱 .. now I’m done 🥱 and I’m tired 😓 sorry if this is really long I just wanted to share what’s been going through my head and mind all of last year 2018 and the year and summer before 2017 and now I can celebrate my achievement 🤩. Ok i seriously 😒 need . To. Go. To bed it’s like 1:12AM ok last stop merry Christmas and 🥳 good night😴.
  • ok people chill out

    By Jay😎😎😎
    this song is basically just abt showing what u really are.. bc people like to try to fit in they want to be just like whomever is popular or something.. and so if ur rlly shy and that persons all outgoing billie is trying to say don’t freakin hide ur real personality bc urself.. even if ur shy it doesn’t matter just be urself
  • DIS is my favvvv billie song eva😆

    By REBELS💄
  • Billie ❤️

    By Swiftygirl790987100
    This song is so beautiful ❤️
  • So cute

    By Emily 72020
    This song is so beautiful and cute!!!❤️
  • Crying 😭😢

    By kkwjwjnshxjjsjajshuaiooppp
    I’ve been reading all the comments I am crying right now Billie’s doing her best
  • Yeaaahhhhh....

    By I ♥️ Bass 🔊🔊🔊🔊
  • Love this!!!

    By Tanner;)
    I’m late to review but I just discovered Billie and this is my favorite song by her!!! I love your voice Billie :)
  • 🤩🤩

    By olsoame
    This song is so cute!! It just reminds me of being a kid for some reason and I love it.
  • Love this song

    By HollyV.
    Her voice is amazing

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