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  • Love it!!

    By g_ding_o
    I, personally love this album! It’s probably my favorite one yet, I really enjoy the rhythm, music, and overall vibe. I think it’s awesome, I love listening to Marshmellows music whenever I’m feeling down and I always feel 10x better! Anyways, just love this!!!
  • Bruh he copied Lauv and Troye Sivan’s I’m so tired.

    By I'm Not Sarcastic
    In I’m so tired Lauv says: I’m so tired of love songs, tired of love songs, tired of love, just wanna go home, wanna go home, wanna go home, oh. Marshmello says: I’m so tired of these sad songs, I just wanna move on. You can tell it’s almost identical, but Marshmello said sad songs so he does not get sued
  • Awesome songs

    By thhgtg
    This is awesome.
  • Hmmm

    By jmitch!
    Michel283822, you don’t understand music bud, words hurt. Your probably like 2 licking the screen wrong, accidentally giving it a one star review. Mello is the best if not one of the best music artists out there. What are you listening to again? Your abcs?
  • Marshmallow is amazing

    By kylMcGyle
    Amazing songs
  • It’s laughable

    By tzf14
    The fact that some people see this as the best EDM is insane. I don’t want to shame anyone who likes this, but really once you hear some of the Electronic music prodigies like porter Robinson, madeon, and Jon Hopkins.
  • Good job

    By Mystic_Beast9
    Not like this guy has a annoying voice like jojo siwa
  • Jump for JOY(TIME)

    By Angelmam01
    I love this album but its a little different from joytime 1 and 2 Ohh and hey Mello I love proud!! 5/5
  • Dope

    By danny_awsomeeeee
    The best thing ever because I usually have a hard time finding good songs this album is dope I recommend you buy it! My fav song was sad songs because well idk how to say it [and i oop]
  • Who listens to this guy?

    By pretzelstix43
    And why?

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