Highly Suspect

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2019-11-01
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 16
  • ℗ 2019 300 Entertainment
USD 10.99 On itunes



  • bad

    By rndudfebeio
    bad bad
  • Questionable At Best

    By LogicTHEgoat
    This doesn’t feel like Highly Suspect at all. The first two albums were absolutely amazing. This, however, is a huge flop. Upperdrugs is fairly solid and 16 is okay. Other than that, who said this record was a good idea to release... they should be fired.
  • A Brave and Fantastic New Aventure

    By NathanMeno
    It takes guts for a successful band like Highly Suspect to venture into new musician territory. As a fan, I truly appreciate the courage and commitment to the art. Also, when the album is viewed from within the context of newly created art itself, it proves to be an exceptional listening experience. Thank you for taking the risk with this new album.
  • ⚠️Honest Review⚠️

    By Hackintosh1976
    Highly Suspect: MCID Total length: 58min 19sec Rating: 3/10 First off I want you to know that I took the time to listen to every song in this album without skipping a track at all. This is an honest review and was trying to be as biased as possible. I also don’t really leave reviews but was asked to listen to this and wanted to share. Don’t waste your time or money on the album, most of which is horrible and cringy. All they sing about is drug use, how they hate themselves and want to die, and pointless profanity which doesn’t make them look cool. Shocked these guys are signed. It doesn’t seem like they have an identity at all. Almost sounds like they scrap together a bunch of random songs, only marketed the decent ones and tricked people into purchasing the pre-orders. They won’t keep fans for too long when they trick the fans. I’m truly shocked and glad I didn’t pay for this. I did get a copy and wow, it’s pretty awful. I’m giving this album a 3/10 rating. **************************** How I scored it: There are 16 tracks on this album and I gave each track a ‘.625’ point value. After listening to the whole album I found only 3 decent songs and 4 that had potential but eventually messed it up. I gave each one that had potential a quarter value from the ‘.625’ which was ‘0.15625’. With the 3 decent ones and the 4 potential ones the score came out to ‘3.125’. So I scored it 3/10 **************************** Only get the following songs they were good, especially the song “16”: Track 02: 16 Track 05: Upperdrugs Track 10: Arizona **************************** The following songs were extremely pointless instrumentals: Track 06: Tetsuo's Bike Track 11: Juzo Track 16: Nairobi (Outro) **************************** The rest of this album was pretty cringy and lyrics sound like they were wrote by an immature child: (Example: “ ...I need to bust a nut ... wish that I was playing with your butt.” Track 14) Seriously so childish. Track 01: Fly Track 03: Freakstreet Track 04: Calnals Track 07: Tokyo Ghoul" (featuring Young Thug) Track 08: SOS" (featuring Gojira) Track 09: @tddybear" (featuring Conor Mason of Nothing but Thieves) Track 12: The Silk Road" (featuring Tee Grizzley) Track 13: Taking Off Track 14: These Days Track 15: Snow White ****************************
  • Fails to appeal even to the targeted audience

    By XjesucritoX
    Yes I love hip-hop and rap. I like pop and synth music. I love rock. I’M NOT OPPOSED TO DIFFERENT GENERES. This album fails on every front with the exceptions of a few songs like upperdrugs, Arizona, and Snow White and maybe tee grizzleys part. Terrible writing/cringey lyrics, subpar production, and SUPER generic music. It pains me to say this because I love this band and their first 3 albums. “Experimenting” and doing something “different” than your previous work doesn’t automatically mean good. There’s a reason Johnny's rap career never took off. Show this to any rap fans and they’ll laugh at it. Show this to any pop and synth fans and they’ll be uninterested. What a disappointment.
  • Not a fan

    By Millz4u
    The first 2 albums were great but I guess they decided to go in a different direction.
  • What a weird/terrible album.....

    Someone on here warned us this album was going to be drastically different from their prior albums and they were right. This album is all over the place. Sounds like a Terrible Johnny side project. They’re trying to appeal to everyone, but instead appealing to no one as this sounds like a compilation of different artists. In the end, Highly Suspect are alienating their loyal fans with this biggest disappointment of the year. From the bizarre shout outs at the end of the first track, unnecessary heavy metal intro to “SOS” to the immature lyrics on a few songs only a teenager would like. “Upper drugs” is fantastic, “16” is a good mellow track, “Canals” is good, “These Days” would’ve been better had they eliminated the immature lyrics around the 2nd half of the song, “Snow White” is good as well. Don’t be surprised when this album bombs and they are forced back in the studio and we’ll get another album within a year.
  • So confused

    By Jscruggs
    Is this even the same band??? I’m so disappointed because I loved the first 2 albums. I’ll admit, I didn’t listen to the newest album much before purchasing tickets for a concert in feb 2020. Now I’m wondering if it’s even going to be a good show....canals and 16 are ok I guess....but the rest.....ugh
  • 4 dope songs

    By Jingaljangal
    Canals SOS These days Snow White
  • So much potential

    By honest reviews...:_
    There are some good songs but it just seems like there’s something missing these guys have so much potential and this album was just ok, but the previous two were really good, this albums lyrics are just kinda meh there isn’t a lot of meaning

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