No Time To Die - Single

Billie Eilish

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2020-02-13
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1
  • ℗ 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records
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    Title Time
    No Time To Die 4:02 USD 1.29


  • amazing.

    By Morg Manuel
    that isn’t whispering people, its singing. I'm sorry that you people love people belting all the time. Ive loved billie since ocean eyes came out and I am so proud of her for coming so far. you haters can say all you want but it isn't going to stop her from doing what she loves. you people are just jealous that your idols are in a bunch of scandals and are involved in un-called for drama. leave my baby alone please!
  • Why do so many people not like this?

    By ILikeTheNameBob
    Billie Eilish keeps getting better and better!
  • Not strong enough Vocals

    By maryessa
    Well Billie I love u so much but keep in mind this a James Bond movie your sing and most of the song in the movies are very intense and powerful vocal songs like sky fall by Adele and Billie mumbling or I guess sing is not strong enough to do it and to meet the bare minimum Billie the truth is you don’t have strong vocals and it just sounds like mumbling to me honestly I think your brother is a lot more talented than you all you have to do is mumble and have your brother record it for you sooo Saufley honest this is a OK song but I just want to tell y’all they could have picked someone better not the best choice to ask Billie

    By shhssnns
    You have an amazing voice. No ones whispering besides everyone hating on the internet. Just some internet g’s. Head up. Chin up.
  • Booooring

    By nicflyng
    Sounds like so many bond songs....very bland and boring
  • Perfect song for a James Bond movie

    By Blah blah blah473984
    I feel like people are not giving Billy enough credit, the song is supposed to sound sad and depressing Because in the end the movies are sad and depressing. The recent music for the movies are just proving a new area of James Bond showing how depressing a life like his would be. I think people are just thinking about the song and just the song instead of the song and the movie as a whole. If you listen to other famous movies you can here orchestras in their theme music too and the best orchestra music is depressing because it shows emotion. Emotion in movies is what the film makers want because it gets peoples attention and makes them feel what the character must be feeling, and music is the perfect way to show this.
  • Shut up haters

    By SoccerLivLovesBillieEilish!!!
    You haters need to shut up I love Billie and you people are stupid Billie and her mom sic have made a big impact on my life and she is amazing!I love you Billie and if your reading please know I’m your biggest fan! Billie and her music show that you can do really cool amazing things at such a young age.billie is an amazing singer even if she some times mumbles or uses autotune to get the effect that she wants and she is happy with.so shut up haters!!!!! Haters:😡 Billie😜💚🖤💖❣️
  • People need to leave this girl alone.

    By BJ87VT
    Imagine, being so insecure that you are triggered by a successful 18 y.o. Leave her be, you creeps.
  • Super good bond song

    By Kev420000000
    Half the people reviewing this song and saying it’s not a Bond song obviously have no idea what the movie is even about. The man has an ex lover that pretended to love him but actually has been working for the bad guys the entire time, so I think this song suits the plot.
  • Epic!

    By Hinata121910
    They made an incredible beautiful orchestra song! Billie, Finneas, and Zimmer are incredible and made an epic song! Thank you, it’s an honor to hear this song!

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