Gone West

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2020-06-12
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13
  • ℗ 2020 Triple Tigers
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  • Wow

    By :AwESom;
    Honestly I’m at a loss for words for how amazing this album is... Gone West has a new fan in me.
  • The Sweetest Treat!!

    By Jdel795
    It has been, what seems like CENTURIES, since I last LOVED every single song on an album. The lyrics, the melodies and the perfectly synergistic sound of their collective voices is truly sweet perfection! I say to you Gone West, don’t go too far west (lol) cuz up here in the north in Boston, we cannot live without that magic that is you and your music. I have been enduring a lot of really hard obstacles recently in my life and music is my savior in times like this. It can lift you up and transport you to places where your troubles are no more. It can elevate your joy or help you to get over heartbreak. If lifts you up when your down. Sheds light over darkness, calms raging storms. It gives you hope when all hope is lost. It gives you respite from your trials. It is very powerful! I so needed these words today in this very moment and I hope that it helps others too! Please keep making magical masterpieces such as this album and PLEASE don’t let a lot of time go between albums! Lastly, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that this album is true country music. That seems to be getting lost these days with “new country” artists who, little by little, try to modernize it by adding styles and sounds that belong in other genres entirely. It takes the country out of country music. No offense to those artists, but I LOVE my country music and want the true heart of real country to stay country and last infinitely!! Kudos Gone West!!🙌🤟👏🎵🎶
  • Traditional Country Finally

    By nuthinbetterthancountry
    No hip hop here....glad to see new artist sticking close to home with real country; long overdue. Their voices are butter.
  • Love The Whole Album!

    By SHM2
    Really not a weak song on the album. I’ve been playing it start to finish on a loop since the release. “Amazing” doesn’t properly describe how good the songwriting is. And as everyone else has pointed out, the harmonies.... they make these already-great songs even better. Hoping Gone West is around for the long haul.
  • Long time coming...

    Obsessed 💕
  • Awesome

    By My original nickname
    Loved every minute!
  • Great for the Summer

    By Bre loves reeves
    A fine mix of country, pop, classic rock and a dash of Hawaiian music. These melodies and harmonies are so fun and soothing.
  • Quality Music, Gorgeous Harmonies!

    By PJMarnie
    Meaningful lyrics, top notch vocals, and unique arrangements put Gone West’s “Canyons” above the rest of recent album releases in my book. Malibu meets Nashville—and the result is something you won’t know you’ve been missing until you hear it. This group has a gorgeous harmonic blend that will have your ears begging for another listen of these songs about heartbreak and life—with some light hearted tunes in the mix as well. All four in this group, individually, are talented singers/musicians. Together, however, they are something special. Whether you’ve “gone west”...north, south or east, you should have this bundle of tunes along for the ride! A+!!
  • Blown Away

    By Quinjamin19
    Music and lyrically, this album is a masterpiece. Such a perfect summer playlist. I’ve been massive fans of them, individually, for many years! Keep it up!
  • Wonderful

    By sorbs44
    They have a new fan. Amazing music!

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