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  • Amazing

    By Ella Manfredi
    This song is so emotional and I love hearing it. You have a inspirational voice and I really look up to you as an artist to listen to your music. You are a superstar. You hear me. Do not let haters tear you down because that will ruin your life. You are a beautiful artist that makes great music.
  • Love

    By Jenna1219
  • 😡😡😡😡

    By I love Star Butterfly
    Haters shut up! Demi deserves this and you are NOT going to ruin it for her you understand? If you do this one more time, you are gonna have to mess with me. Now leave Demi alone!!!!
  • Amazing

    By PurlpleRose
    I always love Demi’s voice. She has a strong vocals and happy that she is expressing her feelings through a song. I still have me even when everything around me is shattered. Sometimes, it’s best to trust in yourself alone. Because nobody knows you deeply and can fix you but yourself.
  • Luv

    By chicago med
    This is amazing 🔥
  • So capturing.....😭.....

    By Elizabethicloud20
    This song makes me really step into your shoes Demi. My heart really aches hearing some of these lyrics but in a good way. Your vocals are literally out of this world. Stay strong and don’t listen to these haters.
  • Go baby girl!

    By Alleyberet
    I hear you, we have us when no one else is standing there. Beautiful
  • Not as bad as they say...?

    By wild pomegrenate
    She can write about whatever she wants. Just like anyone else. It’s good.
  • Masterpiece!

    By ALVAREZZ3000
    This is a gorgeous heartfelt ballad. Touched my heart deeply. One of you best songs to date.

    By SGMyHeart

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