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  • Justin And Shawn

    By nine & half
    Both pretty good kids their parents should be proud; Another perfect song with good lyrics and Melodie makes you feel good during this pandemic. 6 stars
  • Unimpressive

    By MattKhilla
    Incredibly unimpressive. Sick of arrogant Justin Weird to collab with Shawn who has a very different vibe
  • Another one

    By Love4HipHop
    I enjoyed this collaboration. Solid lyrics.
  • Awesome

    By hfjhugjjghjgkmb
    This is so amazing to me I can release so much because I have benne living with my grandparents for three years so this is peaceful music to me
  • eh

    By elizabethdiaz
    didn’t like it
  • Two basic white boys

    By jimineditsss
    Not a fan of either of them tbh...collab was a disaster
  • Bad

    By kenneth013
    Very bad
  • Good song

    By anymous qqqq
    Love the song
  • Absolutely brilliant

    By babyxpyscho2023
    i loved this song and for all the other comments saying all kinds of negativity like “garbage”, well they can go screw them selves, i wuv you guys, and for all the haters i wanna see you guys make a piece that won’t have anything remotely relatable to sounding like another song, these two are amazing
  • Good song

    By Twitch user
    Legends on a track? Album?

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