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  • Brooding, classic

    By ACM23
    Yeah, maybe you can question the authenticity of a rich rock star singing about the poor and voiceless, but isn’t this one function of a true artist, to give voice to the voiceless? I know all of Bruce’s famous albums intimately well, but this is the one that tugs at me the most when I haven’t heard it for a while.
  • Stunning

    By Jross6695
    I'm 19 and had never picked up a Springsteen Record before, heard Gregory Alan Isakov (look him up) play Dry lightning live and immediately bought this album and I love it. It's beautiful. Highway 29 is a favorite but it's all flawless.
  • Then, no. Now, yes.

    By Justin_Sane
    When this album first came out almost 20 years ago,I didn't like it. I wanted to, but I just couldn't. Perhaps because of its dark, brooding, negative tone, and I was newly married and had the world at my feet. Now, almost 20 years after Bruce released this, with me being 20 years wiser, and dealing with the pain of divorce and other depressing life issues, this album really hits home. I have recently rediscovered these brilliant songs, and regardless of the gloomy themes, Bruce's songwriting and storytelling are amazing.
  • Hey, I'm from Youngstown . . .

    By boilermaker68
    This album might be Springsteen's least known and, perhaps for that reason, least appreciated but it is a true masterpiece of the marriage of critical consciousness, songwriting and muscianship. His song Youngstown is historically true and right on the dime. The guy gets it and shares the fire.
  • You Forget Sometimes...

    By rwentz21
    That the man who wrote and recorded these wonderfully dark and true songs, the man now known as "The Boss", was at one time a passionate story teller named Bruce Springsteen. This is the Bruce that I go to when I want to reconnect for a few minutes. The song writer who gifted us with The River, Nebraska and this incredible record. I didn't know it at the time, but The Ghost of Tom Joad was the beginning of the end for me with Bruce. the last dying embers of a relationship that went back to "The Wild, The Innocent and The E Street Shuffle". I held out hope for a while, but it ended officially when Bruce released a record only through that emblem of all that is wrong with America today, Wal-Mart. But for me, we will always have the good days, the heady exciting days when we called to Rosalita, when we went to a Meeting Across The River, and we rode among the ruins of Youngstown. It was never adios, more like vaya con Dios.
  • ghost of tom joad

    By christybug234567
    Why can't I just buy "The Ghost of Tom Joad" single???? Come on.
  • Better than Nebraska

    By monthegers
    This is one of my all time favorite albums. Perfect, stripped down Bruce without all the bells and horns, singing sad songs about sad America. Classic.
  • Five Stars

    By Nick624
    Come on people... Youngstown is the best song in The Ghost of Tom Joad. The song,"Ghost of Tom Joad" Stinks.
  • campfire songs

    By simcain
    To those that are out of work, laid off and collecting unemployment, buy this. I did. On my last job seeking trip to North Dakota, I listened to this album. On the shore's of devils lake ND. By the campfire light. On the fringes of the Mah Dah Hey Trail with cattle watching. The perfect album for a laid off rust belt electrician.
  • A personal favorite

    By WEBraune
    This is one of my personal favorites. I'm saying it is Springsteen's best work of all time, but the album is still great. Haunting songs and melodies, soothing instrumentation. I also love the cover that Rage Against the Machine did of "Ghost of Tom Joad." Great song... great album. Worth checking out!

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