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  • ❤️

    By Trust and Us
  • Caitlyn Jenner is better

    By Missouri Trashman
    An episode of the Kardashians is more pleasing to the ear
  • artfull storytelling

    By rebelaxe
    excellent from start to finish. no duds.
  • Strong

    By warbaby43
    right up there with his best stuff
  • Emotional

    By BatmanX
    What else can I say. Still gets to me every time I listen.
  • Bruce’s Best from the 90s on

    By ExileOnDaytonStreet
    I remember Rolling Stone’s review when this one came out. They had a full page picture of Bruce, standing strong, carrying a flag as if he were shouldering all of those fears and emotions we were all experiencing after 9/11. It’s a bit hokey, but listening to the album, with all of its big triumphant noise mixed with melancholy and pathos… you can see how true it felt at the time. At the time, and in many times before and since, I’m sure, we’ve all been simultaneously scared and hopeful, broken and triumphant, and this album absolutely nails that contradiction. My City of Ruin, Further On Up The Road, Lonesome Day, and The Rising all stand up as all time great Bruce tracks (even against his classic period in the 70s and early 80s). Simply a wonderful record.
  • Great album

    By LeeLycan
    One of the few albums that you like all the songs. Check it out even if you are not a fan of Springsteen.
  • Load of crap!

    By Sam's Jodam
    He is so over-rated!
  • His Best

    By Bruce Mack
    The Boss came through when we needed something to help us deal with the shock of 911 like only he could. There is something about a his music that always finds the right words and riffs to touch our soul. You may not like his politics but you have to love his honest and pure love for our country and the people that make us who we are.
  • Great Album!

    By Uncle Elijah
    Wow, most artists loose their touch with age but The Rising completley denies that statement. I was very shocked when I listened to this album because of the power and strength it had. The lyrics wer very moving and the instrumentals are on top! Great album to own by Springsteen!

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