Taking the Long Way

The Chicks

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2006-04-04
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 14
  • ℗ 2006 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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  • Too Bad, You Hate America

    By Wilsonsk550
    A couple good songs, but... If you reflect your hate for America & the people that buy your music love America. THEN it's simple, we still don't support you financially.
  • Never going to buy another song from them ever

    By Kayakerk
    I don't care how many "celebrities" they parade on their music to get back in good graces. Once you open your mouth you can't take it back. Hopefully the music industry will boycott them as I certainly do not want to hear them anywhere, including on a CMA award show.

    By JenVanV
    A wonderful album! just saw them on tour this summer and they are even better live. The vocals and instrumentation are unmatched in country music today. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put out a new album!
  • This album is amazing!

    By Phoebe N Linn
    This album is so catchy and fun. I would REALLY recommend it!
  • .

    By edward_emanuelson
    This is the album where they jumped the shark.
  • Still great

    By BillyLee
    Love the chicks, and love this albums.
  • Love this album

    By kdf120
    I think this is their best album, I can see why they would take so long to do anything because one day they were on top of the world the next they are the doormats of America! I love them always have always will!!!
  • Never Forget

    By bw2054
    Theres a reason why their career tanked.
  • They were great!

    By loveevol46
    I don't care what their political views were, I love their music. With the way country is going now a days, we need them back!
  • The Only Good Thing That Came From Thier Comments

    By sjsharksfan39
    Their comments in 2003 decrying the War lead to a lot of controversey and being absolutely shunned from Country Music. I don't know why, but that controversey still goes on today and I'm not sure if the Dixie Chicks are ever going to get back together. Still, there was one great thing that came from that, and it was this album. Like them or hate them, they were wonderful song writers, and not all songs here were because of what they said. Yeah you have the obvious ones in Not Ready to Make Nice, Everybody Knows, and The Long Way Around, but there are songs on this album that talk about many other things such as: Silent House - This is a song about Natalie's Grandmother who had Alzhimers and it's a really personal and deep song Voice Inside My Head - Probably my second favorite song on the album, behind Thin Line, which is not included on the Itunes release but should have been. It's a song about giving up someone for Adoption or Abortion, and again it's a really personal song. This is just a fantastic album and probably thier best album. It's a shame it probably is thier last.

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