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  • I'm in tears again right now...

    By Your blonde
    Bruce makes me feel emotions that I sometimes forget that I have and can feel...He can soften my lonely, hardened heart to tears with "Jesus Was an Only Son" and "Metamoras Banks ." ...I honestly can break out sobbing. Not kidding. He is the master ...Thank you, Bruce...I love you!!!
  • Still great

    By Jhoag
    This album came out after the rising when people were starting to appreciate bruce again n then cus it didnt sound like n e street album people say its boring. In no way is this album boring its jus different n not an e street album thats y its not titled n the e street band. Great album imo. This n the rising helped me thru hard times. Good music u can feel in ur soul
  • Are you kidding?

    By 55downup
    This is boring hillbilly crap
  • Best Acoustic To Date

    By Scoutsout317
    This album resonates on level not heard before. It's themes bring out the everyday American as seen today. Great sound by the best writer of music of our time. Great job Bruce!

    By marzBarz
    Love this album...Bruce is amazing
  • Haunting and Lyrical

    By StayinBA
    Unless you expect the Boss's style to be frozen in time in the late 70's, you will appreciate where the arc of his life and career has taken him with this album. It perfectly reflects (as Springsteen's albums always do) the times in which it was created. He connects with the raw emotions then emerging from the Iraq war and immigration issues, as well as from much more personal matters. You can feel in it the dark clouds that were starting to form on the horizon, as well as hope for the future. None of it is trite or overdone. The lyrics and music are haunting and beautiful. I love this album. It touches me deeply every time I listen to it.
  • Dark and Boring

    By aquabreeze87
    I'm a diehard second-generation Bruce fan. I loved The Rising and Magic. But this... No. Bruce has developed a sort of southwestern campfire ballad-type sound more recently, and this is the worst of it. It's a dark, depressing, and even boring album. Like I said before, I love Bruce. But I don't love this at all.
  • Sorry, Bruce

    By Linksuper
    I have all Bruce's albums - most are good, some are great - but this one is lousy.
  • My favorite

    By Skins89
    The best Bruce S. album for me.
  • Another Bruce masterpiece

    By robertlish
    This is another great Bruce collection of acoustic songs. Bruce fans of Nebraska and The Ghost of Tom Joad definitely need to get this. The songs are all great! . Devils & Dust, Reno, Black Cowboys, Silver Polomino, Jesus Was an Only Son, The Hitter, and Matamoros Banks are all great 5 star songs. If you are a fan of Nebraska and The Ghost of Tom Joad you will love this as well. The Boss just keeps producing great music.

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