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  • I agree with rick:

    By sanozzo
    the footage of this show is when I first understood why people like bruce - I finally got it when I saw this concerts’ video. it really is phenomenal and I wish it was available.
  • Release the video version on iTunes

    By instarickstigator
    This is THE GREATEST live concert footage ever! Why is only the audio version available?
  • Best of early Bruce live

    By Mwalimu_B
    AMAZING intro to Bruce & E-Street as they start their ascent to legend status as live performers. Wonderful versions of thunder road, extended versions of songs from the first 2 albums and classic covers too
  • Holy Smokes… E Street in Top Form

    By ExileOnDaytonStreet
    The Boss was hungry at this phase in his career, and the E Street Band’s debut in England is INCREDIBLE. The band is in absolute top form and right at the wonderful intersection of Bruce’s career when he was still a little bit of the jazzy beat poet rocker and transitioning to the Rock God he’d become for the next ten years. The highlights? Thunder Road: Bruce and Roy stretch that vulnerability from the opening throughout the entire song, and the effect is simply spellbinding. E Street Shuffle: A slower, jazz lounge arrangement that shows a different side to the song, and gives us more reason to love Roy Bittan. Clarence gives a smoooooooth sax solo to tie it off. Detroit Medley and Quarter to Three: Two classic live staples from this part of Bruce’s career that show just how much E Street could make you want to dance. You can use these songs to verify that person has a pulse. Rosalita: An absolute show-stopper. This song shows just how tight the band entire band was, and man you’ve never had 10 minutes go by as quickly as they do here. She’s The One: This song alone is worth the price of admission. An absolute tour-de-force-de-rock’n’roll. It’s my most played Springsteen track, studio or live. It takes everything I love about Bruce’s high energy, big sound version of rock and roll and puts it to 11. If I’m ever in a coma, I want my wife to play this in my hospital room and I’m fairly certain it will bring me out from under.
  • Live=better

    By D33dl3
    Springsteen is one of the few artists in the 70s and 80s whose live performances were distinct and different each time, live should be longer, live shouldnt sound like the studio, live performances become gold when you truly appreciate an artist. And to me, I can only listen to live performances or else it doesn't have the same soul. This live performance by bruce is, in my opinion, his best.
  • Cool

    By Awesome!!!:-)
    I was looking for the hammersmith album which this is so I guess it's good!!! But could you please change it iTunes??? :,(
  • it's kind of obvious

    By bob bobblaw
    read closely . . . . "Live", "Live", "Live", "Live", "Live", "Live" . . . . . wouldn't that give you a clue that this ain't the "studio" album? Buyer Beware . . . .
  • Ummm What?

    By ByTheBy123456
    This is the Live Hammersmith Odeon London '75 album not the Born to Run 30th ann album. What's the deal iTunes? This is kind of a big mess up.... I'm looking to buy the BtR 30th album... PLEASE CORRECT THIS

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