Ray LaMontagne

  • Genre: Singer/Songwriter
  • Release Date: 2014-04-25
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11
  • ℗ 2014 Stone Dwarf, LLC, USA under exclusive license to RCA Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment
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  • A trip back in time

    By allen.collins
    I absolutely love this album and can listen to it from beginning to end. The Ray we know it is not, and over produced it may be, but it is something special of its own. It’s as if Ray has channeled himself back in time and into another dimension where he lived in 1972. It transcends time and space and should be appreciated as a work of its own, and not compared to his work of the past.
  • Beautiful!

    By kellygirl122
    I really love Ray...but, I have to admit, this is HANDS down my very favorite of his music! I think every song is simply wonderful...a beautiful piece of art!
  • It's the "new" Ray

    By ___Andrew___
    Not a big fan of this album. I love Ray, like most people, bc of his amazing voice and great songwriting. This record managed to completely hide those things by soaking his vocals in reverb and burying it in the mix. Same thing when I saw him live supporting this record. We were front row balcony in the center. The sweet spot! And I couldn't hear him sing all Night. So stupid! I get it, artist like to evolve and do new things. I support that. What I don't support is hiding the thing we all love about Ray. HIS VOICE!!! So if you like ambient mediocre songs, and hate vocals, a is the album for you! Enjoy!
  • A year later

    By originalwombat
    I've been missing Ray lately - or at least missing his music - so I decided to give this another listen. Unfortunately, I still hate it.
  • I support him as an artist but not my cup of tea

    By Raesunshine321
    I absolutely love all of his other albums. I understand him wanting to try something new and I will give him credit for doing it. That being said, this album is not to my taste. I hope that it appeals to others but i selfishly hope his next album is more like his older ones.
  • Hummm.

    By 123easystreet
    Normally Ray Lamontage is a great go to artist for my playlists. Unfortunately this album is a little to "out there" for my tastes. I thought one of his best talents was his talented simplity. Just a guy and his guitar singing about the things he's going through. This album defintely isn't that. It's not bad but not comparable to his past albums. Hope he gets back to his old style.
  • Beautiful

    By Bugsizzy
    I've heard a good amount of the old Ray that some of the reviews here long for a return to, but for me this album is a welcome departure. Ray created a great vibe here with a beautifully layered mix of warm longing and mellow sadness, but with a nice buzz; a passenger on a long drive under a wide sky.
  • 4 Stars on his merit alone. Ray deserves this album.

    By Vincent_92
    Ray is an incredible singer/songwriter and we’ve all heard the raspy tortured-soul tracks that we love. For anyone who says “it’s not his old stuff”, imagine singing “Jolene” every night on tour. Ray has given us SO many delightfully soul wrenching songs. Is it his best? No. However, give the guy a break, he’s more than earned his keep, and he’s certainly earned the right to play more upbeat songs like Supernova. As others have said, he’s an artist, and he’s going to evolve. As a fan, if you don’t like Supernova, take it with a grain of sand because he’s still an amazing artist.
  • Amazing

    By Jeffdaperson
    Love rays singing and the music to it
  • Missed The Point

    By Tigerhiker
    I guess i must have missed the point. Not a single song worth downloading. How did Ray go from God Willin'... to Supernova. Many of the songs sound like Black Keys re-hashes (yes, I know, Dan Auerbach produced this album, hence my point). I'm all for an artist to expand his range, but, in my opinion, it didn't work this time.

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