Harry Styles Releases, 'Harry Styles'

Harry Styles has released his new album, ‘Harry Styles’, and it has taken the internet by storm.

Harry Styles takes a dramatic shift in ‘Harry Styles’ from his beloved pop-music style to rock and soft acoustic songs. Throughout the album Styles constantly plays on the themes of relationships and religion. The instrumental compositions for the majority of the songs in 'Harry Styles' are homages to iconic music artists like Queen, Bowie, Prince, and the Beatles.

‘Harry Styles’ isn’t exactly a ground breaking album, however, “Sign of the Times” is one of his most well made songs. If you haven’t already heard “Sign of the Times”, the lyrics are about a woman who has a complication while giving birth. The emotional lyrics are complemented by the powerful Queen-esque instrumentals and David Bowie-esque vocals.

An underrated song on ‘Harry Styles’ is “From the Dining Table.” In “From the Dining Table”, Styles sings about how his lover won’t return his phone calls and remains silent. Some compare the instrumentals in “From the Dining Table” to the Beatles, however, it seems more reminiscent to Elliott Smith. Ending the album with a song that has depressing lyrics and a soft acoustic guitar was an interesting decision.

The rest of 'Harry Styles' can be found on his website hstyles.co.uk

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