Flashback Thursday Music Videos

For Flashback Thursday, we will be looking at legendary music videos from some of the top hip-hop artists in the music industry. You can view all of the videos below and build your own hip-hop music video playlists by downloading the Edge Music Network app or this website.

Akon – I’m So Paid

Released: 2008

Directed by Gil Green

The timeless music video, “I’m So Paid”, features Akon committing an act of theft against a diamond dealer. Throughout the video, Akon is shown in multiple action scenes like being chased in a Ferrari, arriving on a yacht via a helicopter, and driving in get a-way boat. The video ultimately finishes with a twist James Bond type ending. Fashion brand Coogi, financed the video for one million dollars.

Kendrick Lamar – LOVE.

Released: 2017

Directed by Dave Meyers

The relatively recent video for “LOVE.” shows a classic troubled love story. Watching Kendrick Lamar destroy a loving relationship will swing your emotions due to his good guy persona in real life. At one point during the video, a crystallized three woman statue is shown in order to symbolize Kendrick Lamar’s habit for lust. The video for “LOVE.” shows how even the most noble of men can cheat during a relationship.

Kanye West – Good Morning

Released: 2008

Directed by Takashi Murakami

The animated music video for “Good Morning”, displays the turbulent story of a bear looking to graduate. The bear is faced with a typical plot-line of waking up too late and facing a series of unfortunate set backs to arrive at a graduation ceremony. The significant aspect of the video is showing how the animated bear on the Graduation album cover partly represents Kanye West.

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