The Skints Set To Release New Album, “Swimming Lessons”

London “tropical punk” four-piece The Skints, will be releasing their new album, Swimming Lessons, on May 10th. Swimming Lessons is mainly comprised of modern reggae instrumentals and lyrical messages that range from heartbreak, survival as a musician, and even the looming catastrophe of Brexit. Swimming Lessons contains 14 songs and will be released via Easy Star / Mr Bongo.

Swimming Lessons starts off with its feature song, “Learning to Swim.” “Learning to Swim” is a roller-coaster mixture of reggae and punk-rock. One second you’re chilling out with some bouncing Caribbean reggae instrumentals, the next second you’re head banging to hard rock guitar riffs. Lyrically, “Learning To Swim” takes on a deep personal meaning. Lead singer Marcia Richards, stated in a recent interview that,

“For those who have lost a loved one, it’s not unusual to find comfort in the fact that you’ve spent more of your life with them than without. After 13 years of using this small comfort to keep afloat, 2019 will be the first year that the number of years without my sister Roanna will exceed the years she was around. As I became increasingly aware of this date approaching and my life raft sinking, I wrote ‘Learning to Swim’, a song that musically flips through time and space.”

You can see the video for “Learning To Swim” below:

The multi-genre infusion in “Learning to Swim” is a good representation of Swimming Lessons as a whole. Each song contains its own unique sound that’s hard to predict and grasp at first. If you’re looking for an album that’s fresh and thought provoking, then you can pre-order Swimming Lessons on The Skints’ website.

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