Megaplex Deluxe by We Are Scientists

In three days (4/19), We Are Scientists will be releasing the deluxe edition of their sixth indie rock album, Megaplex. Megaplex Deluxe will include its original song plus 4 additional acoustic songs, 3 new full band bonus tracks (like the recently released “Second Acts”), 5 demos, and 1 remix. The deluxe release is both meant to showcase their new music as well as give fans one of the original versions of the album.

The decision to release Megaplex Deluxe has come with some controversy due to We Are Scientists’ 10 song only contract. The band stated, “Now, you may think that we’re violating our own ten-song rule with this deluxe version of Megaplex, and to that we say, “You’re an idiot.” A deluxe version isn’t an *album,* it’s a collection, a compilation, a Dionysian free-for-all. It’s the aural equivalent of one of those buffet breakfasts at a German hotel, where you’re mixing hard-boiled eggs and waffles and stinky cheeses and cornichons and those weird pickled fish bits and sour cherry jams, and you’re pretty much having the best time of your gustatory life precisely *because* combining this plunder onto one plate is utterly indulgent madness. That’s what we’re offering here, starting with the magnificently curated original version of Megaplex and then tromping headlong into a veritable Candyland of wonders.”

Their statement is made evident from the roller-coaster of instrumental transitions throughout the album. One second you are enjoying the electro-indie sound of “Second Acts”, the next you are listening to a piano only rendition of “No Wait at Five Leaves, Under The Sea.” The wild fluctuation of pacing in Megaplex Deluxe is a little chaotic, however, the chaos makes it beautiful.

We Are Scientists will begin their tour with Snow Patrol on April 18th in Dallas, TX. You can purchase tickets on their website and you can also listen to the first song of Megaplex Deluxe below:

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