Flashback Music Video Friday

For Flashback Friday, we will be covering some of the most iconic music videos ever made. All of the videos below are available to watch on the Edge Music Network app and this website.

Katy Perry – Unconditionally

Released: 2013

Directed by Brent Bonacorso

One of Katy Perry’s most artistic videos, “Unconditionally”, shows various visual metaphors about the feelings associated with love. In the video, Katy Perry is shown being set on fire, being surrounded by flowers, and being hit by a car. Director Breant Bonacorso, explained in an MTV interview that the video attempts to show how love can feel erratic, joyful, and painful. Katy Perry claims that the video was inspired by the two movies, “Dangerous Liaisons” and “Anna Karenina.”

Bloodhound Gang – The Bad Touch

Released: 1999

Directed by Richard Reines

The humorous video for “The Bad Touch”, features the members of the Bloodhound Gang roaming around Paris in monkey-rat outfits. The members of the Bloudhound Gang are shown annoying stereotypical French people and dancing past iconic Paris land marks like the Eiffel Tower, Avenue de Saxe, and Champ de Mars. The video’s unique concept made it an instant classic and carries a heavy feeling nostalgia.

White Snake – The Deeper The Love

Released: 1990

Directed by Marty Callner

A traditional 80’s – early 90’s hair metal band music video is, “The Deeper The Love.” Members of White Snake appear to be performing on a large stage while David Coverdale’s then-wife, Tawny Kitaen, poses on different objects. David Coverdale is also periodically filmed in a hallway with a Slip of the Tongue’s cover.

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