Other Americans To Be Released On October 1st

Electro-rock band Other Americans, are set to release their new album, Other Americans. Other Americans is a synthesizer and rock based album that explores the topics of power and love. Other Americans will be releasing Other Americans on October 1st, which will be an extension on their first Other American album released in 2018.

For Other Americans vocalist, Julie Bernsden, Other Americans is deeply personal album. “The songs on this record are mostly about having to confront the past – my own, my friends’, and my family’s. I wanted to capture the vulnerability and the emotion that comes from trying and failing in those confrontations,” Bernsden stated.

This is made clear from the beginning with the nostalgic themed song, “Neon Sunrise.” In “Neon Sunrise”, you immediately feel a retro vibe with the flowing synthesizer instrumentals. Bernsden then joins in singing about past loves and our steadfast behavior. While though “Neon Sunrise” doesn’t represent the entire album, it is the perfect introduction to any new Other Americans listener.

To learn more about the Other Americans, you can visit their Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/OtherAmericansBand/

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