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Friday Dance Music Videos


Looking for some new dance moves to bust out for a Friday night party? Watch the videos below to gain some new dance ideas and impress all of your friends. You can build your own dance music video playlists by using the Edge Music Network app or this website.

will.i.am – Bang Bang

Released: 2013

The 1920’s themed video for “Bang Bang” features will.i.am dancing on a speakeasy stage. will.i.am is surrounded by a group of dancers doing a fairly technical choreographed Charleston routine. Towards the end of the video, will.i.am breaks out into a solo tap dance. The dance routines in the video are good examples of how 1920’s dance styles should be executed.

Janet Jackson – So Excited

Released: 2006

Janet Jackson’s video for “So Excited” displays Janet’s dancing prowess with highly choreographed dance routines. The video highlights Janet’s smooth but snappy dancing style that she has perfected since the beginning of her career. The video is an exemplary example of what type of dancing works well with pop/hip-hop music.

Ne-Yo – Because Of You

Released: 2007

In the risque video for “Because of You”, Neo shows off his stellar dance moves as well as various relations with girls. The video is a little sexual centric; however, it shows glimpses of Neo’s popping and locking skills. If you want to witness Neo’s unique take on Michael Jackson’s dancing style, then watch the video “Because of You.”