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The Futureheads Set To Release New Album, Powers


Legendary post-punk band The Futureheads are set to release their new album, Powers, and it is one of their best album’s to date. Powers is a highly unique album for The Futureheads due to the departure from their classic indie rock sound to intense punk rock. Their decision paid off tremendously with the heavy rock instrumentals ability to keep you transfixed and rocking out. Powers plans to be released on August 30th via Nul records.

According to The Futureheads vocalist William Ross, “The record [Powers] we’ve made is a little off kilter and maybe a little more out of step than you might expect from four lads in their 30s. I think it might surprise people.” This is none more evident than in the first and feature song of Powers, “Jekyll.” “Jekyll” kicks the album off with a bang from its introduction of heavy guitar riffs and intense drumming. Ross later joins in with grim lyrics about his past and how they still torment him today.

You can view the video for “Jekyll” below:

The rest of Powers has the same tone as “Jekyll” but sometimes contain different instrumental pacing. You can pre-order the album at thefutureheads.com.