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The SubSet by Kristeen Young


The avant-rock singer, Kristeen Young, is set to release her 9th album, The SubSet. The SubSet is an eclectic mashup of electric-rock instrumentals and Young’s operatic vocals. The unique sound of the album will take you on a wild listening experience that evokes all of your emotions. The album plans to be released on September 9th and can be pre-ordered on her website.

The SubSet is a deeply personal album for Young due to her constructing the majority of the album. “I wrote, arranged, produced, mixed, and played almost every instrument except live drums, which were played by Jefferson ‘Baby Jef’ White,” explained Kristeen. “It was important to do this one by myself. Even though I have co-produced most of my albums before, people will still ‘forget’ to include my name when they are talking about who produced the albums. And I think it’s because the other co-producer was male and famous. I thought I would take that option of a mistake out of the equation for people.”

As a result of making the songs more personal, the listener develops a stronger connection with both Young and the songs. It’s noticeable from the very beginning in the avant-rock song, ‘Less Than.’ The pacing and unique instrumentals shows you the unfiltered emotional intention behind the song.

Young will be playing select residencies this fall in NYC (September 4th, 11th, and 18th at Berlin), Los Angeles (Every Monday this October at The Satellite), and San Francisco (October 9th, 16th, and 23rd at The DNA Lounge). Young will also be heading to London to play shows on November 6th (at Paper Dress Vintage), November 13th (at The Victoria), and November 20th (at St. Paneras Old Church).