8MM Returns With New Music

The LA-based alternative music duo 8MM, is back and they have recently released a new single called, “Supercrush.” “Supercrush” is a continuation of their classic rock and trip hop sound that garnered them their hardcore following and praise. It is also the first release of any of their music in the past seven years and a lead up to their highly anticipated album, Heart-Shaped Hell.

8MM’s decision to release new music after seven years came a little unexpected. 8MM instrumentalist Sean Beavan stated in a recent interview that, “In the past few years, we’ve found some really cool and interesting new artists putting out very cool work that reminded us of the vibe of our first EP, Opener,” Sean explains. “It gave us the itch and inspiration to get back to our moody, cinematic roots. So, when one of our outside projects got pushed back, we found ourselves with a month free so we sat down and banged it out. It’s our favorite collection of 8MM songs so far.”

That claim is made evident by their newly released single, “Supercrush.” “Supercrush” captures Heart-Shaped Hell’s theme of trip hop instrumentals and Juliette Beavan’s intense and hypnotic vocals. The moody sound of the song is equally matched by the lyrics about an individual’s malicious tendency to break hearts. “Supercrush” will instantly have you spell bound and prepare you for the predominant dark tone of Heart-Shaped Hell.

You can listen to “Supercrush” below:

Heart-Shaped Hell. plans to be released on February 22nd, 2019 and the release show will be on February 27th at Soundcheck Live in Hollywood.