Boston Manor’s Music Video for “Bad Machine”

The England-based rock band Boston Manor, has released a new video for their dark and deeply emotional song, “Bad Machine.” The video for “Bad Machine” is shot in an eerie black and white filter and displays bleak imagery that matches the intense vibe of both the song and their upcoming album, Welcome To The Neighborhood. The video was directed by Boston Manor singer, Henry Cox. Watch it below:

According to Henry, the new video exemplifies the emotional shifts of the lyrics. Henry stated, “We knew we wanted to capture some of the sleaziness of the track & condense the video down to a sequence of ‘moments’, almost like a movie trailer. The song has such massive differences in dynamics between the verses & choruses so it was important that we captured that in the video.”

The video for “Bad Machine” comes just in time as Boston Manor and Pure Noise Records plan to release their album Welcome To The Neighborhood on September 7th. All of the other songs on Welcome To The Neighborhood are expected to be just as emotional and energetic. The album will also have some commentary on contemporary culture and problems that we currently face. Henry Cox noted, “I’m just trying to draw attention to a few issues, The things that are important to my generation are just so trivial in my eyes, but who am I to say? I can’t really offer any immediate solutions, but I can try to throw a bucket of cold water on some of my peers, to just get them to feel more and think more and not be so apathetic.