Flashback Friday Music Videos

For Flashback Friday, we’ve gathered up some of the most legendary music videos ever produced. You can view all of the videos below and build your own music video playlists by downloading the Edge Music Network app or this website.

G-Eazy – Let’s Get Lost – Featuring Devon Baldwin

Released 2014

Directed by Tyler Lee

The music video for “Let’s Get Lost” features G-Eazy in a classic tale of two strangers falling in love at first sight. Throughout the video, G-Eazy and a red headed actress follow each other and scandalously express their emotions. The video’s slowed paced filming impeccably captures the seductive emotions of the actors and pace of the song.

The Weeknd – Belong To The World

Released: 2013

Directed by Anthony Mandler

“Belong to the World” shows The Weeknd walking through the streets of a futuristic Japan. The video appears to be an homage to the book “1984”, due to the images of subservient masses in a propaganda center. However, there is a twist in how the propaganda is presented. “Belong to the World” is considered to be The Weeknd’s most artistic video ever made.

Eminem – River

Released: 2018

Directed by Emil Nava

The video for Eminem’s new song “River”, primarily shows Eminem and a female actress in a troubled relationship. The main source of conflict in the video is the female actresses reveal that she cheated on Eminem out of revenge and is pregnant. The video highlights the intensity of Eminem’s frustration by showing him break objects in a raining hotel room. The imagery of glass and objects breaking truly captures the anger associated with an unfaithful lover. The video also features Ed Sheeran with a brief cameo of him singing in the rain.