Flashback Friday Music Videos

Start your week off right by watching some of the most classic music videos ever made. You can watch these videos and build your own music video playlist by using the Edge Music Network app or by searching this website.

Brenna Whitaker – Black and Gold

Released: 2015

The video for “Black and Gold” shows Brenna Whitaker performing with a band in an all white studio. The video strongly carries a nostalgic theme with the use of Brenna’s old school microphone and their choice to film in black and white. The video does an impressive job at capturing Brenna in an angelic look by being outlined with a hue of white light.

Of Monsters and Men – Crystals

Released: 2015

In the video for “Crystals”, Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir is performing in a cave while wearing gypsy type attire. The rest of the band is shown producing crystals in order to revive someone. The images of Of Monsters And Men forging crystals, silver ropes, and gold provides a wide variety of sparkling colors. The diverse use of colors makes “Crystals” one of the most visually stunning music videos ever made.

Kendrick Lamar – Alright

Released: 2015

Kendrick Lamar’s video for “Alright” features images of predominately black communities, unflattering actions from the police, and Kendrick sharing money with African American communities in a braggadocios manner. The video is a social commentary on African American culture and the police’s unfair treatment of African Americans. The choice to film in black and white acts as a somewhat bleak view of the treatment African American communities receive in contemporary America.