Justin Timberlake drops new single, ‘Supplies’

Justin Timberlake just dropped his new song ‘Supplies’, and its controversial music video. ‘Supplies’ is the second single from Justin Timberlake’s upcoming fifth studio album, Man of the Woods set to be released on February 2.

In ‘Supplies’, Justin Timberlake sings about the typical strangers falling in love story. However, ‘Supplies’ unconventionally talks about how he has literal supplies to help a woman during survival scenarios. He obviously used the supplies as metaphors, however, they’re odd metaphors to express your love.

The video for ‘Supplies’ is both odd and beautiful. The video is filled with artistic metaphors of society’s worship of money, the black lives matter movement, the metoo movement, and our fixation with screens. The end of the video shows a smoldering city and a small child trying to convince us to “wake up.” The imagery of the video is outstanding, but it also feels like it’s not long enough to make a big impact on the topics he’s trying to address.

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The video was directed by Dave Meyers