lonesome by laye

Montreal based singer/song-writer laye has released her album, lonesome, and it has been marked as one of the best albums of the summer. lonesome is an eclectic alt-pop album filled with trippy electric beats and laye’s angelic vocals. lonesome is both a reflection of laye’s eccentric personality and a redefinition of electro-pop music.

The one song that is truly emblematic of the entire album is the single, “milk n honey.” “milk n honey” starts off in an unique fashion with the use of eerie high pitched beats. laye shortly follows with a subdued flow that addresses her longing for a lover who is unkind towards her. “milk n honey” explores the adversities of love and how laye copes with it.

You can see the video for “milk n honey” below:


The rest of lonesome has a similar feel to “milk n honey”, but the pacing in instrumentals differ. If you’re looking to have fun and contemplate the meaning of love, lonesome is a MUST listen to.