Music Video Monday

Celebrate “Music Video Monday” by watching some of the most popular music videos on Edge Music Network. All of the videos below are available to watch on the Edge Music Network app and this website.

Baio – Sister of Pearl

Released: 2015

The orchestrated version of the “Sister of Pearl” music video features Chris Baio singing in a club in front of a small orchestra. The video’s small set creates an atmosphere of exclusivity that is rare to find in most videos. There is also a sense of mystery in the video by its use of a single light that predominately highlights one side of Baio. The video’s shroud of mystery and intimate environment will leave you awestruck and oddly closer to Baio.

HOLYCHILD – U Make Me Sick

Released: 2015

The video for “U Make Me Sick” shows the members of HOLYCHILD in various suggestive poses. The actions shown in the “U Make Me Sick” video aren’t necessarily new, however, the kaleidoscope filming lens gives the video a feeling of unpredictability. If you’re into videos that are esoteric and filled with sexual innuendos, then watch the video for “U Make Me Sick.”

Tor Miller – Midnight

Released: 2015

The black-and-white video for “Midnight” shows Tor Miller roaming around the streets of New York during the night. The video seems to be an ode to a more nostalgic age of music and New York. The song’s switch between a solo piano and a full band crescendo is perfectly synchronized with the video’s depiction of New York’s beauty and gritty nature. Tor Miller’s facial expressions in the video also set the mood of both the song and the video.