Music Videos from This Years Grammy Nominated Artists

The Grammys are coming back on January 28th with up and coming and veteran music artists. Take a look back on historic music videos from some of this years Grammy nominees.

1. Kendrick Lamar – Poetic Justice

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The video for “Poetic Justice” is a dark portrayl of Kendrick Lamar’s home city, Crenshaw. The video shows that street life in Crenshaw sometimes leads to tragic outcomes.

2. Jay-Z – No Church in the Wind

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The powerful imagery of protestors clashing with Prague police forces makes “No Church in the Wind” one of the most socially conscious music videos ever made.

3. Beck – Girl

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The video for “Girl” captures the unique sites of East L.A. and feel of the prominent Latino and Hispanic population.

4. Alessia Cara – Here

Alessia Cara’s lyrics about being a self-conscious teenager fits perfectly with the video’s portrayal of Alessia being shy at a typical high school house party. The video was directed Aaron A.