Imani Coppola Set To Release The Protagonist

American singer-songwriter Imani Coppola is set to release her new album, The Protagonist, and it is one of her best albums to date. The Protagonist is a country-rock album filled with heavy commentary on our political climate. It’s a dark themed album that carries an ironic twist of upbeat instrumentals and Coppola’s powerhouse vocals. The Protagonist plans to be released on October 4th via Ipecac Recordings.

The album displays its uniqueness from the very beginning with the song, “Blackteria.” “Blackteria” is a country-rock mashup that covers the message of our bizarre state of affairs and how we should stand up for our values. While the song paints a grim prognostication, the upbeat pacing gives you sense of hope that we can persevere through these tough times.

After “Blackteria”, The Protagonist takes an interesting turn into more of a rock and pop themed album. The following songs, “Rattle” and “Mind of the Monkey”, harbor more intense instrumentals that more accurately portray the seriousness of the lyrics. The eclectic string of songs will take your emotions on wild ride of hope and despair.

If you’re interested in listening to The Protagonist, you can per-order her album and/or listen to her recently released song, “Contributing Member of Society” here: