Sweet Candy Power by Shonen Knife

Legendary Japanese rock band Shonen Knife, are back and will be releasing their new album, Sweet Candy Power, on June 5th. Sweet Candy Power is Shonen Knife’s 19th studio album and features their classic bubblegum punk sound. Sweet Candy Power will be released via Good Charamel Records.

Sweet Candy Power kicks off with a bang in their first song, “Party.” “Party” will immediately have you hooked with its quick paced guitar instrumentals and astonishing vocals frontwoman Naoko. “Party” perfectly encapsulates Shonen Knife and shows that you can rock out regardless of age.

After “Party”, the album transitions into the feature song, “Dizzy.” “Dizzy” is a compilation of bouncing guitar rhythms, foot stomping, and a sing-along chorus. The song carries a very Beach Boys type vibe and is perfect to listen to during the summer. The video for “Dizzy” was filmed in one of Shonen Knife’s favorite Osaka clubs, Fandango

If you enjoyed “Dizzy” and are interested in listening to Sweet Candy Power in its entirety, you can do so on June 5th at www.shonenknife.net.