Nicki Minaj Releases Two New Songs

Nicki Minaj has just released two new songs, “Chun-Li” and “Barbie Tingz.” Her new songs plan to be apart of her long awaited album that will be dropping later in the year. Below are her new songs as well as two classic music videos. You can watch more Nicki Minaj music videos by downloading the Edge Music Network app or by searching this website.

Barbie Tingz

Nicki Minaj is back and her new single “Barbie Tingz”, consists of her trademark scandalous and braggadocios type lyrics. Minaj raps about checking haters through a variety of curse words and threats. The two unique aspects of the song are the synthesized beat and a partial reggae sound at moments.


In “Chun-Li”, Nicki Minaj raps as if it’s her duty to prove that she leads a glamorous lifestyle and is better than the majority of rappers. “Chun-Li” is a pretty standard Minaj song; however, her bragging becomes a little redundant. We already know that she’s one of the queens of the rap industry, why feel the need to remind us?

Watch some classic Nicki Minaj music videos

Nicki Minaj – Stupid Stupid

Released: 2012

Directed by Hype Williams

Nicki Minaj – Super Bass

Released: 2011

Directed by Sanaa Hamri