Reborn by Skyward Story

The recently released debut album, Reborn, by Skyward Story has been making waves with its incredible pop-punk rock instrumentals and heartfelt lyrics. For a full year, Skyward Story worked with multi-platinum producer, Matt Squire (One Direction, Panic! At The Disco, Ariana Grande) to create Reborn and revive the much beloved 90’s/mid-2000’s pop punk sound.

The entirety of songs in Reborn, do a good job at holding a consistent flow of catchy upbeat instrumentals. There are moments in “Make This Last” and “Requiem” that throw off the album’s tempo a little too quickly. However, they are shortly followed by songs with blaring guitar and lyrics that will make you want to chant.

Out of all the songs in Reborn, “Trading Secrets” is the most notable. “Trading Secrets” eclectic mashup of hard rock and synth instrumentals creates a playful and moody tone. The tone set by the instrumentals is matched by the lyric’s story of someone reminiscing about joyful nostalgic memories and the pain of being separated from their lover. “Trading Secrets” complex layers of instrumentals and meaningful lyrics makes it one of the best songs this year.

Listen to “Trading Secrets” below:

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