Review: Mayhem for Mary and The Lost Surf

Mayhem for Mary – Come Along

The fresh indie band from Brisbane Mayhem for Merry, have been catching a lot of attention with their recent music video for their hit song, ‘Come Along.’ The video for ‘Come Along’ features 3 guys who stumble upon the opportunity to live their dream and play a live gig. The video cuts back and forth between live footage of a Mayhem for Mary concert and the band members in a serene Brisbane forest. The intense and mysterious feel of the video matches well with song’s mixture of heavy rock instrumentals and a harmonica.

Watch the video for ‘Come Along’ at

Concept by Debbie Anne Batey & Wes Pollington
Directed by Wes Pollington
Co-directed by Luke McClean
Filmed by Luke McClean (forest) and Jonathan Creed & Shots For Bands crew (warehouse).
Edited by Luke McClean (Shots For Bands)
1st Assistant Director Beccy Congram
Featuring the talents of: Smoggie & Tuesday Whitfield
Choreography by: Tuesday Whitfield
Shot on location at Daisy Hill Conservation Park, Brisbane (2018)
Live performance footage from Party In Purgatory Warehouse Party, Brisbane (2017)

Music & Lyrics by Mayhem For Mary
Performed by Mayhem For Mar
Recorded at Underground Audio Recording Studio (Brisbane, Australia) by Dan Sugars Audio (
Mixed By Dan Sugars
Mastered by Stephane Elmosnino (Brisbane Australia)

The Lost Surf

The Lost Surf is a highly creative rock band based on the beautiful island of Maui.

Founded after an inspiring 2-hour jam session in the deserts of Joshua Tree, CA; the artist, Dave Stein, arrived back in Hawaii with a focus to create an album that he wanted to listen to. He then setup a studio on Maui where he solely wrote, produced and played all instrumentation on his debut record. Without a label that he was beholden to, Dave had the artistic freedom to create whatever he wanted to. In a drug and alcohol fueled whirlwind of inspiration; The Lost Surf’s debut album was written, recorded and finalized in two weeks time. The album’s dark and beautiful period of creation are best exemplified by its title ‘Dead From the Neck Up’.

Dave Stein was born and raised in Palm Desert, CA where he played in and recorded with many bands early in his life. At age 25 he left his hometown and moved to Maui in pursuit of a lifestyle more befitting to himself and his family. On the island he learned to build his own instruments and began producing music that he had always imagined in his head. After The Lost Surf’s debut album was recorded and mastered; Dave set out to create an overarching visual representation of the entire album, again encumbered without being beholden to any label.

The Lost Surf is currently writing and recording their second album for a target release in 2019.

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The Lost Surf – Grind and Roll