Review: The Nectars Debut Album Sci-Fi Television

The recent release of The Nectars album Sci Fi Television, has made them one of the most notable up-and-coming bands. In Sci Fi Television, their high energy pop punk rock style is on full display with the constant upbeat rock instrumentals and Jessica Kenny’s vibrant vocals. Sci Fi Television is a phenomenal showcase of The Nectars’ raw talent and an affirmation of their bright future.

Sci Fi Television is composed of 9 songs that are very reminiscent of 90’s pop rock and 70’s punk pop music. The first song in the album “I Want It”, instantly energizes you with its steady crescendo into faster paced guitar and drum rhythms. Despite the album being primarily made up of pop punk rock songs, their most noteworthy song in the album is an indie pop song called, “We Will Run.” The softer feel of “We Will Run” shows off the The Nectars’ amazing ability of performing in multiple rock genres.

You can see the video for “We Will Run” below

Some more reviews that have come in for Sci Fi Television:

“New York has a legacy of producing some of the world’s best punk bands. The Nectars take inspiration from their New York City forebears, while injecting a heavy dose of lavish pop sheen, resulting in a sound which falls somewhere between peak 90s No Doubt and Riot! – era Paramore.” – Team Rock

“This New Jersey four-piece ooze energy and excitement, while sassy front woman Jessica Kenny evokes the spirit of ‘Don’t Speak’ era Gwen Stefani on hiatus with The Strokes. 2018 has just started with a bang.” – Right Chord Music

“The band’s debut single is a brash and devilish track that crawls under your skin. In a world of oversaturation, it takes a lot for anyone to leave an impression. The Nectars have managed to do so with just one song.”- Substream Magazine