Stay Hopeful by Sun-Dried Vibes

The energetic reggae/rock band Sun-Dried Vibes, has been making an impact on the music scene with their relatively new album Stay Hopeful. The album is composed of sixteen hard rock and reggae songs that cover the topics of love, politics, having a good time, and just remaining hopeful about our current state of affairs. Stay Hopeful was released by Space Duck Records and has already debuted at #3 on Billboard’s Reggae chart and #1 on iTunes Reggae Chart.

The highlight of Stay Hopeful is its bouncing instrumentals and Zach Fowler’s high pitched vocals. The perfect sound to each song will capture your attention and keep you enthralled. Each song also carries a unique message that will make you contemplate the importance of remaining resistant against corrupt entities. However, there are moments of levity in the album with love themed songs like, “Your Eyes” and “It’s Always Been You.”

The most notable song on the album is, “I&I.” “I&I” best exemplifies the theme of the majority of the album with its slow tempo instrumentals, impactful lyrics about politics, and clear cut vocals from Fowler. You can see the video for I&I below:

So far, the album has already paid dividends with its success on the Billboard charts and iTunes. Zach Fowler praised Sun-Dried Vibes fans, “For the last 8 years, we have been making music for our fans and the happiness of their souls. With this album, our fans have given that back to us by helping us hit the Billboard Charts. Thank you all for the continued love and support.”

Sun-Dried Vibes will also be touring from this October to December. You can see the full concert date list at: