Super American Set To Release New Album—Tequila Sunrise

The NY based indie-rock duo Super American are finally ready to drop their fresh but nostalgic sounding album, Tequila Sunrise. The album is due to be released September 14th via Take This To Heart Records.

Tequila Sunrise is composed of 13 tracks that perfectly showcase Super American’s penchant for hooks and memorable lyrics. The album consists of upbeat pop rock songs that are periodically balanced with songs that partially dip in tempo. Super American’s Pat Feely and Matt Cox also show off their amazing versatility as performers by trading vocals throughout the album.

The most notable song on the album is, “Hands Down Olivia.” The catchy instrumentals and meaningful lyrics in “Hands Down Olivia” will instantly captivate you and have you constantly pressing the replay button. You can view the video for “Hands Down Olivia” below: