Taylor Swift Releases Music Video for ‘End Game’

Taylor Swift has released her new music video for ‘End Game’ and it has already become a huge hit among her fans.

The video is centered around Ed Sheeran, Future, and Taylor Swift exploring and partying in different cities around the world. In all of Taylor Swift’s excursions in ‘End Game’, she is captured in dazzling displays of contrasting colors. The video’s compelling imagery and various shoot locations sets it apart from the majority of contemporary music videos.

However, the purpose of the music video doesn’t necessarily capture the message of the lyrics. In ‘End Game’ all of the music artists rap about how they are looking for love, but they have a bad reputation associated with themselves. Meanwhile, the video for ‘End Game’ only features the music artists living lavish lifestyles. The video seems to be more of an ode to the beauty and culture of different societies.

‘End Game’ was directed by Joseph Kahn