The Best Valentine’s Day Music Videos

Since it’s Valentines Day, it’s time to watch some of the classic music videos about love and relationships. You can watch these videos and build your own playlists by using the Edge Music Network app or by searching this website.

Taylor Swift – Ours

Released: 2011

Directed by Declan Whitebloom

In the video for “Ours”, Taylor Swift is shown recalling memories of being in love with her husband. Her parents disapprove of her relationship; however, her fond memories of him entrench her decision to stay with him. The video is fairly representative of the lyrics, but is ended with a slight twist.

Feist – 1234

Released: 2007

Directed by Patrick Daughters

The video for “1234” is known for its choreography; however, the message of the song is about rekindling love. Feist sings about a guy who is considering about loving someone who liked him when he was a teenager. It’s a nice song that gives hope to people who are looking for reciprocal feelings from an old crush.

Florence + The Machine – You’ve Got the Love

Released: 2009

Directed by Tom Beard and Tabitha Denholm

Florence + The Machine’s video for “You’ve Got the Love”, displays Florence Welch in a sparkling dress dancing on a sparkling moon prop. She belts out lyrics about how the love from her loved one keeps her grounded and motivated. It’s a song to be shared with someone who keeps you sane regardless of your troubles.