The Chainsmokers Release New Song, ‘Sick Boy’

The Chainsmokers have just dropped their new song and video, ‘Sick Boy.’

The instrumentals in ‘Sick Boy’ fit The Chainsmokers’ typical Pop-EDM sound; however, it has a darker edge than most their songs. The heavy piano chords set a gloomy tone to match the lyrics about narcissism in today’s society. ‘Sick Boy’ makes it clear that we should stop focusing on social media or else we end up determining the worth of our life based on how many “likes” our social media posts receive.

In the video for ‘Sick Boy’, The Chainsmokers match the dark lyrics by playing in warehouse devoid of light in the background. As the song progresses, the video begins to display more lights, melting features, and animations. The video is aesthetically stunning and filled with artistic imagery.

If you are interesting in watching more videos by The Chainsmokers, you can find them via Edge Music Network’s search bar.

Video for ‘Sick Boy’, directed Brewer.