The Five Best Choreographed Music Videos

The five videos that have the best and most impactful choreography are:

5. MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This

‘U Can’t Touch This’ won multiple MTV VMA awards and led to an increased popularity in “The Running Man” and “Hammer Dance” dance moves.

4. Backstreet Boys – Everybody

During the 90’s, the Backstreet Boys produced multiple music videos with highly technical choreography. However, ‘Everybody’ will be always their most enshrined music video.

3. Janet Jackson – Rhythm Nation

The video for ‘Rhythm Nation’ is known for both its stellar choreography and political message. It was considered to be one of the most controversial music videos to be ever be produced.

2. Beyoncé – Single Ladies

All of Beyoncé’s music videos have exceptional choreography; however, ‘Single Ladies’ remains her most parodied video to date.

1. Michael Jackson – Thriller

The obvious and most well recognized music video in history is Michael Jackson’s 14 minute horror-themed music video, ‘Thriller.’ The budget for the video was $500,000 and was nearly nominated for an Academy Award.