Throwback Thursday: Fall Out Boy

Today, we are going to be focusing on classic music videos from one of the most popular pop-rock bands, Fall Out Boy. Build your own Fall Out Boy music video playlist by downloading the Edge Music Network app.

Rat A Tat

Released: 2014

Directed by Donald/Zaeh

The fairly graphic dystopian themed video for “Rat A Tat” shows Patrick Stump being filled with music destruction propaganda. The band members of Fall Out Boy attempt to save Patrick, but he has already succumbed to the ideology that music evil. The torture scene with Patrick is a slight parody of the movie, A Clockwork Orange.


Released: 2015

Directed by Brendan Walter and Mel Soria

On the complete opposite spectrum of “Rat A Tat”, “Irresistible” carries a stronger EDM sound and has a very humorous video about a pug.

I Don’t Care

Released: 2008

Directed by Alan Ferguson

The song “I Don’t Care”, consists of Fall Out Boy’s typical pop-rock sound. The antics by the Fall Out Boy band members in the video also falls in line with the rock and roll lifestyle image that they have cultivated. However, the music video takes an unique twist by adding in a whole host of disguised celebrities. The end of the video is followed by an odd reveal by Guns N’ Roses band member, Gilby Clarke.